Dry amanita pantherina cups

Amanita Pantherina picked in Altai region, dried in infrared dehidrator, fermented for 1 mounth and packed with love in vaccum to preserve shrooms.

The cap of the Panther Mushroom (Amanita pantherina) is a striking and recognizable feature of this fungus. Its shape resembles a classic mushroom cap but with some distinct characteristics:
Shape: The cap of the Panther Mushroom typically has a diameter ranging from 5 to 15 centimeters. When young, it is convex, and as it matures, it becomes more spread out or even slightly concave at the center. The edges of the cap can be uneven or slightly toothed.
Color: The predominant color of the cap usually varies from yellowish-brown to olive-brown, and sometimes even dark brown. The cap is adorned with bright white spots or patches, creating a mottled or marbled pattern reminiscent of a panther's coat. The speckled pattern can range from highly pronounced to more pale, depending on the specific specimen.
Surface: The surface of the cap is smooth, with a slight sheen. It can be slightly slimy during rainy or humid conditions.
Texture: The cap of the Panther Mushroom has a dense and fleshy texture. As it reaches maturity, it may start to crack around the edges.
Stem: The stem of the Panther Mushroom typically measures between 10 and 20 centimeters in height and has a diameter of approximately 1 centimeter. It is cylindrical, thick, and solid.

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